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Current Issue 

 Volume 14  Issue 3   September - December  2021

pp: 1547-1557 
Exploratory Study of Patient Perceptions of Pain Management in Emergency Department
Author(s) Jenni Hamalainen, Tarja Kvist, and Paivi Kankkunen
Full Text (DPF) -1

pp: 1558-1567
Healthcare Professionals’ Knowledge and Practices towards Hospital Infections in Surgical Clinics
Author(s) Petros Galanis, Katerina Kokkoliou, Irene Vraka, Olympia Konstantakopoulou, Olga Siskou, Angeliki Bilali and Daphne Kaitelidou
Full Text (PDF) -2

pp: 1568-1577
The Prevalence and Correlates of Activity Limitations Among the Elderly in Informal Caregiving Settings in Colombo District, Sri Lanka: A Community Based Cross-Sectional Study
Author(s) Wijesiri, H. S. Maliga S. K, Wasalathanthri Sudharshani, Weliange, SH De Silva and Wijeyaratne Chandrika N
Full Text (PDF) -3

pp: 1578-1590
Investigation of Nurses’ Knowledge of Intramuscular Injections and Factors Affecting Injection Site Preference: A Case-Based Survey
Author(s) Sinem Ozer Demir and Arzu Karabag Aydin
Full Text (PDF) -4

pp: 1591-1600
Examination of Professional Self-Concept in Nurses in Terms of Certain Variables
Author(s) Arzu Yuksel and Saadet Erzincanli
Full Text (PDF) -5 

pp: 1601-1610 
Development and Validation of a Questionnaire to Measure Attitudes Toward COVID-19 Vaccination and Pandemic
Author(s) Petros Galanis, Irene Vraka, Olga Siskou, Olympia Konstantakopoulou, Aglaia Katsiroumpa, Ioannis Moisoglou and Daphne Kaitelidou
Full Text (PDF) -6

pp: 1611-1618 
Effects of Identification of a Motherhood Role and Pregnancy on Marital Adjustment
Author(s) Ruziye Defne Demirezen and Ozlem Duran Aksoy
Full Text (PDF) -7

pp: 1619-1626 
Assessing the Efficacy of Ventilator-Associated Event Prevention Bundle in the Intensive Care Units: An Intervention Study
Author(s) Aysun Acun, Irfan Sencan, Esengul Sendag, Ganime Sevinç, Asiye Tekin, Fadime Callak Oku and Nurcan Caliskan
Full Text (PDF) -8

pp: 1627-1635
The Relationship of Gestational Weight Gain with Familial and Social Properties
Author(s) Ayse Cataloluk and Sibel Seker
Full Text (PDF) -9

pp: 1636-1642 
Building Empathy through Art, Photography, Theatre, and Music in a LGBT-focused Health Education Course
Author(s) Monica Irene A Navarro, Tricia Uy and Christian Dimaano
Full Text (PDF) -10

Determination of Senior Nursing Students’ Perceptions of Individualized Care and Empathic Tendencies
Author(s) Demirdag Hatice, Ekici Emine , Aydin Bahise , Akgun Meftun and Pekcan Nuriye
Full Text (PDF) -11

pp: 1651-1660
Evaluation of the Relationship between the Cybercondry Levels of University Students and Irrational Beliefs
Author(s) Ayse Dost, Nuvit Atay, Gulsah Korpe and Hatice Busra Tunçay
Full Text (PDF) -12

pp: 1661-1667
Home Visit Experiences of Students Within the Scope of Public Health Nursing Course: A Qualitative Study
Author(s) Demir Gokce and Ozen Betul
Full Text (PDF) -13
pp: 1668-1676 strong>
Factors Affecting Fatigue in Older Adults Receiving Home-Based Healthcare
Author(s) Christos F. Kleisiaris, Theodoula Adamakidou, Maria Maniou, Despina Sapountzi-Krepia and Lamprini Kourkouta
Full Text (PDF) -14

pp: 1677-1685 strong>
Nursing Students’ Professional Image Perceptions during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Author(s) Duygu Tunc, Eda Ergin and Sebnem Cinar Yucel
Full Text (PDF) -15

pp: 1686-1696  
Educational Needs and Motivations for Lifelong Learning of Nurses
Author(s) Marinela Krespani, Areti Tsaloglidou, Konstantinos Koukourikos, Petros Ouzounakis, Christos Iliadis, Vassiliki Krepia, Aysegul Yildirim Kaptanoglu and Lambrini, Kourkouta
Full Text (PDF) -16

pp: 1697-1704
Quality of Life in Pregnant Women with and without Constipation: A Comparative Study
Author(s) Fatma Zehra Genc and Filiz Hisar
Full Text (PDF) -17

pp: 1705-1712  
Gender Violence: An Intrinsic Case Study with Insight for the Novice Nurse
Author(s) Maria de las Nieves Amores Alguacil, Anitigoni Fountouki and Dimitrios Theofanidis
Full Text (PDF) -18

pp: 1713-1723  
Investigation of the Relationship between Nursing Students' Privacy Consciousness and Attitudes Towards Patient Privacy
Author(s) Gulhan Erkus Kucukkelepce, Didem Simsek Kucukkelepce and Sinan Aslan
Full Text (PDF) -19

pp: 1724-1731  
Internet Usage at Pregnant Women affect the Decision-Making?
Author(s) Hacer Unver and Sermin Timur Tashan
Full Text (PDF) -20

pp: 1732-1739  
The Effect of the Training on Parents' Knowledge Level Regarding First Aid in Pediatric Burns
Author(s) Funda Cetinkaya and Gamze Odabasi
Full Text (PDF) -21

pp: 1740-1748  
Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors of the Patients with Diabetes
Author(s) Ayse Sahin, Ozlem Ovayolu and Nimet Ovayolu
Full Text (PDF)

pp: 1749-1762
Traditional Baby Care Practices of Mothers and their Practices Reasons: A Sample from Turkey
Author(s) Elvan Rabia Kucuk and Gulbu Tanriverdi
Full Text (PDF) -23

pp: 1763-1770
Oxidative Stress, Covid-19 and Nursing Care
Author(s) Tuba Karabey and Sumeyya Deniz Aybek
Full Text (PDF) -24

pp: 1771-1776
Circumcision: Is it For Sexual Health or Being Man?
Author(s) Dilek Yildiz, Derya Suluhan, Berna Eren Fidanci, Weysullah Padishah and Ilhami Surer
Full Text (PDF) -25

pp: 1777-1783
Determination of Nursing Students’ Attitudes towards Evidence-Based Nursing: Turkey Example
Author(s) Tuba Karabey and Serife Karagozoglu
Full Text (PDF) -26

pp: 1784-1793
Determination of Knowledge and Correct Breastfeeding Practices of Mothers in Early Postpartum Period
Author(s) Gusah Kok, Dilek Konukbay, Sedanur Simsek and Ferda Saadet Karadag
Full Text (PDF) -27

pp: 1794-1800
Are Future Midwives Afraid of Vaginal Deliveries
Author(s) Nurcan Celik Odabasi, Selda Ildan Calim and Hulya Demirci
Full Text (PDF) -28

pp: 1801-1810
The Effect of Midwifery Students’ Coping Styles and Moods on Childbirth Fear Prior to Pregnancy
Author(s) Zeliha Sunay, Sumeyye Altiparmak, Esra Karatas Okyay, Ayse Nur and Tuba Ucar
Full Text (PDF) -29

pp: 1811-1823
The Effect of Physical Activity Counseling Based on Health Promotion Model on Physical Activity Behaviors and Functional Capacity in Cardiovascular Patients
Author(s) Meryem Otu and Serife Karagozoglu
Full Text (PDF) -30

pp: 1824-1832
The Relationship with Acceptance of Illness and Medication Adherence in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients
Author(s) Sevda Turen, Rahime Atakoglu Yilmaz and Seval Gundogdu
Full Text (PDF) -31

pp: 1833-1839
Examining the Relation between Family Support and Compliance to Treatment in Individuals with Diabetes
Author(s) Gamze Yildiz Aslan, Ozlem Tekir and Hicran Yildiz
Full Text (PDF) -32

pp: 1840-1851
The Effect of Using Personal Protective Equipment on the Comfort and Anxiety of Nurses During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Author(s) Eda Ergin, Sebnem Cinar Yucel and Emre Yesil
Full Text (PDF) -33

pp: 1852-1870
Evaluation of Training Requirements in Patients Undergoing Breast Surgery
Author(s) Asena Topuz, Zehra Durna and Gamze Temiz
Full Text (PDF) -34

pp: 1871-1881
Determination of Information and Behaviors of Inpatients in Internal Medicine Clinics About Rational Drug Use in Turkey: A Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study
Author(s) Nisa Yavuzer Bayrak and Hatice Polat
Full Text (PDF) -35

pp: 1882-1889
The Effect of Episiotomy on The Postpartum Comfort Level: A Case-Control Study
Author(s)Tulay Yilmaz, Husniye Dinc Kaya and Aysu Yildiz Karaahmet
Full Text (PDF) -36

pp: 1890-1899
Missed Nursing Care in Public Hospitals
Author(s) Ayse Cimen and Manar Aslan
Full Text (PDF) -37

pp: 1900-1907 strong
Psychosocial and Mental Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Nursing Students in Turkey: A Cross-Sectional Study
Author(s) Nihal Bostanci Dastan, Fadime Kaya, Ozgu Tekin Uluman, and Nilufer Kiransal
Full Text (PDF) -38

pp: 1908-1916
The Development of Nursing Competencies in Student Nurses in Turkey
Author(s) Sennur Kula Sahin, Nihal Sunal and Insaf Altun
Full Text (PDF) -39

pp: 1917-1925
The Effects of Individualized Education on Depression, Anxiety, Quality of Life in Liver Transplant Recipients
Author(s) Ozge Iseri, Ozgul Karayurt and Sezai Yilmaz
Full Text (PDF) -40

pp: 1926-1931
Determining Preoperative Constipation Risk for Patients Undergoing Total Knee Arthroplasty
Author(s)Mahinur Durmus Iskender and Nurcan Caliskan
Full Text (PDF) -41

pp: 1932-1940
Stress Level and Stressors in Women with Threatened Preterm Labor
Author(s) Hulya Ozberk and Samiye Mete
Full Text (PDF) -42

pp: 1941-1952
Effects of Information About COVID-19 on Social Media on Students
Author(s) Eda Unal and Aysel Ozdemir
Full Text (PDF) -43

pp: 1953-1960
Antibacterial Effect of Hypericum Perforatum and Calophyllum Inophyllum Against Some Bacteria Causing Infections in Cesarean and Episiotomy Wounds
Author(s) Tugçe Sonmez, Busra Ardic, Handan Gokben Sevindik, Serap Ejder Apay and Hakan Uslu
Full Text (PDF) -44

pp: 1961-1974
Validity and Reliability of The Turkish version of the Stigma Scale for Sexual and Reproductive Health in Young Women
Author(s) Esra Bayrakceken and Gulsen Eryilmaz
Full Text (PDF) -45

pp: 1975-1982
Comparison of the Effects of Face-to-Face and Whats App Based Training on Adolescent Girls’ Health Beliefs about Breast Cancer and Breast Self-Exam
Author(s) Nazan Cakirer Calbayram, and Sefika Dilek Guven
Full Text (PDF) -46?

pp: 1983-1992
The Attitudes of Midwives and Students in the Midwifery Department Towards Mentoring: A Qualitative Study
Author(s) Gulbahtiyar Demirel, Semra Kocatas, Eylem Toker, and Adem Doganer
Full Text (PDF) -47

pp: 1993-2000
The Relationship Between Menopausal Complaints and Sleep Quality
Author(s) Aliye Bulut, Cagla Yigitbas, Gulsume Baysal and Handan Ozcan
Full Text (PDF) -48

pp: 2001-2008
Investigation of the Relationship between Health Literacy Levels and Health Perceptions of Primary School Teachers
Author(s) Fatma Ersin, Mehmet Emin Usta and Suzan Havliogu
Full Text (PDF) - 49

pp: 2009-2018
Knowledge Level of P alliative Care and Perinatal Palliative Care of Midwifery Students
Author(s) Eda Sahin, IlknurYesilcinar, Ruveyda Geris and Memnun Seven
Full Text (PDF) -50

pp: 2019-2028
Medication Safety Practices in Clinical Nursing: Nurses’ Characteristics, Skills, Competencies, Clinical Processes, and Environment
Author(s) Efstratios Athanasakis
Full Text (PDF) -51

pp: 2029-2035  
SARS-CoV-19: An Overview of the Pandemic
Author(s) Dimitrios Theofanidis and Antigoni Fountouki
Full Text (PDF) -52

pp: 2036-2040
The Ethnographic Research Method in Community Health: Current Needs for Qualitative approaches
Author(s) Alexandros Argyriadis
Full Text (PDF) -53

pp: 2041-204
Validity and Reliability within Qualitative Research in the Caring Sciences
Author(s) Phil Coleman
Full Text (PDF) -54

pp: 2046-2054
Nursing Care Based on Health Promotion Model in Patients with Overlap Syndrome within the Scope of Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Case Report
Author(s) Meryem Otu and Serife Karagozoglu
Full Text (PDF) -55

pp: 2055-2057
Health Policy and Global Health in HIV/AIDS
Author(s) Dakena M. Nelson and Danita R. Potter
Full Text (PDF) -56

pp: 2058-2065
Children with Chronic Disease during COVID-19 Pandemic and Nurses’ Roles
Author(s) Capa Zehra and Karadag Gulendam
Full Text (PDF) -57

pp: 2066-2069
Nursing Care According to Activities of Daily Living in COVID-19 Pneumonia: A Case Report
Author(s) Saatci Gamze and Unsal Ayla
Full Text (PDF) -58

pp: 2070-2074
Genomic Implications of Covid-19 Differentials: Analytical Review
Author(s) Ogundeji Kolawole Damilare
Full Text (PDF) -59
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